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School Self Review

Thank you very much to parents for completing questionnaires about their childs experiences at Framwellgate Moor Primary School during February 2017, the results of these and parent comments are detailed below. I want to ensure that the school strives for continual improvement and your views are incredibly important to me.

Mrs Smith (Head Teacher)

Strengths Identified

Parent Questionnaires:

79 families completed the School Parental Questionnaire

97%-100% of parents identified the following:

  • My child/ren enjoy/s attending school most of the time
  • School keeps my child safe
  • The school is led and managed effectively
  • Happy with the teaching in school
  • Overall I am happy with my child’s experience at FMPS

Pupil Questionnaires:

99%-100% of pupils identified the following:

  • Feel safe in school
  • Learn new skills in lessons
  • Know what to do when they need help with work
  • If you are worried you feel you could talk to an adult in school
  • Receive Housepoints and praise

Improvements agreed to be implemented

Below are improvements that will be made in school due to reading Parent and Pupil views:

Parent Questionnaires:

  • DVD of School Performances
  • Improve photograph quality of pictures of performances
  • Continue to offer to support Homework in school if preferred
  • Continue to keep the website up to date
  • Homework – to review KS2 English homework to include grammar/punctuation (this is to vary homework Reading Comp or GPS)

Pupil Questionnaires:

  • Switching the lights off in class so that we can see the board better
  • A clock in Year 5
  • Do more painting
  • Picnics during the Summer Term
  • More plants and nature – we will be creating a Living Display in our Main entrance
  • Nets in the goal posts
  • Improve the trees area near quiet yard – new trees and artificial grassed area for children to play in

Thank you to all the parents and children providing feedback about their school life experiences and suggesting ideas/improvements for the school.