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SEN Transition

How we support children/young people with SEN starting at our school 

Early Years Staff make visits to all feeder Nurseries to meet the children who will be starting our school. They spend time working with the children, observing them in a familiar environment and talking to their key workers. We encourage all new children to visit the school prior to starting and this is done through a transition day. This is timetabled so that children can also have an experience which includes lunch – Parents are also invited to come and meet with their children and have a school lunch in the school hall. For children with SEND we would encourage further visits to assist with the acclimatisation of the new surroundings. We would also do more visits at current nurseries.  Additional resources can also be implemented e.g. a photobook with important information for the child – key worker / staff, coat peg picture / play equipment etc so that Parents can help prepare children over the summer in readiness for their first day.

If children are moving to our school from another school we work closely with the child’s previous school to ensure a smooth transition, accessing existing SEN Support Plans or EHCPs and meeting with Staff.  When additional preparation meetings or visits would be beneficial we plan them in accordingly.

How we support children/young people with SEN moving between classes in our school 

Teachers work closely together within school to relay information and will also meet with the SENCo, Parents and other professionals where appropriate to ensure that all relevant information is transferred and that work will be pitched at an appropriate level.  Children preparing to move to their new year group will take part in a ‘Moving Up’ morning as well as additional opportunities to visit their new environment and increase familiarity with new adults and areas of school they might encounter, for example toilets.

Where required, additional resources can be put into place e.g. a photobook or other resources which would help prepare a child for their new environment.  During the first few days of transition the school SENCo will visit classes and speak regularly with Staff in order to identify any difficulties at the earliest opportunity and intervene accordingly.

How we support children/young people with SEN leaving our school 

Children with SEND are given an extensive level of support before they leave for their new school. We work closely with parents and other professionals (e.g. Educational Psychology) to help this be as smooth a transition as possible. When children are preparing to leave us for a new school, typically to go to Secondary education, we arrange additional visits. Our ‘feeder’ secondary schools run programmes specifically tailored to aid transition for the more vulnerable pupils. We liaise closely with Staff when receiving and transferring children to different schools ensuring all relevant paperwork is passed on and all needs are discussed and understood. If your child has complex needs and has an Education Health and Care Plan, then a review will be used as a transition meeting during which we will invite staff from both schools to attend and any other relevant professionals. Their teacher and SENCO will discuss with secondary colleagues how many transition visits can be arranged over and above those offered to children without SEND. These additional visits to the new school will be carried out with the child and Secondary School Staff in the summer term.

Can my child attend Framwellgate Primary School and then move to Special School Provision?
Children with SEND that have been issued with an Education, Health and Care Plan can attend Framwellgate Moor Primary School for their Primary education or consider applying to a Special School if that meets their individual, specific needs. When considering transition to Secondary education, your child can then be assessed for Special School if a parent requested this.

If you have any questions about your SEND requirements please contact the school and we will try our best to help you.